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Dream-work: Calculable and non-calculable risks

Dream-work: Calculable and non-calculable risks

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In this paper, risk is dealt with from the viewpoint of dream-work. In certain apparently neurotic clinical conditions, dream-work seems to parcel itself, thus determining two different types of dream: one aimed at elaborating unconscious desires, and another aimed at representing an only seemingly preconscious thought. Here, the oneiric work seems to disjoin, rather than conjoin, preconscious thoughts from repressed unconscious desires. Yet, such disjoining is necessary for maintaining a narcissism, often grandiose and primitive, which would otherwise crumble if linked to hatred towards a parental figure who, through excessive idealisation, had trapped subjectivity into the grandiose Self and its unrealistic demands. The paper also hypothesizes a similarity between the parcelling of social work and the «multi-activity» of individual oneiric work.
KEYWORDS: Grandiose Self, multi-activity, oneiric work, parcelling, psychic work, risk society.

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