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Hermes. Communicating with the unconscious dimensions of the psyche

Hermes. Communicating with the unconscious dimensions of the psyche

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Psychoanalysis, as a way of listening to the other and to his or her otherness, questions the Sphinx not only with regard to the analysis of the generational conflict, but also with regard to dimensions of the psychism that are located elsewhere than in the already systematised competences. The extension of the concept of unconscious requires an «other» dimension of listening, a «polyphonic polymorphic heteromorphic listening», in which associative modalities unfold, revealing the communicative potential of the patient only after the response of the object, open to catching communications expressed in preverbal form. Another place in which to meet the Sphinx, the enigmas of psychic life, and question them, concerns the presence in the psychic not only of the traces of relations with more than one: the plural. It is also a question of listening to and making room for the emerging unconscious aspects of the need to belong to groups, in particular the unconscious narcissistic alliances that preserve the survival of the subject and the group together.
KEY WORDS: Listening, narcissistic alliances, other, polyphonic, presence of the object, preverbal, unconscious.

Biografia dell'autore

Anna Ferruta

Anna Ferruta, psicologa e psicoanalista con funzioni di training della SPI e dell’IPA, è membro fondatore di Mito&Realtà, Associazione per le comunità e residenzialità terapeutiche. Nelle nostre edizioni ha curato tra gli altri La comunità terapeutica (con G. Foresti, E. Pedriali, M. Vigorelli, 1998) e Le comunità terapeutiche (con G. Foresti, M. Vigorelli, 2012).

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