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Identity and recognition

Identity and recognition

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Starting from some theoretical contributions on Identity as a themein psychoanalysis, an attempt is made to underline the relationship existing between the Self as unique and continuous, and the Self as multiple and discontinuous. The multiplicity and discontinuity of the Self is considered in the light of recent contributions from Infant Research and neuroscience, which validate the hypothesis that development takes place within an intersubjective context through the mutual recognition of the two subjectivities in relation to each other. Moreover, it is stressed that from a relational/intersubjective perspective the Self is considered as the expression of a dialectical and creative tension between the Self as
unique and continuous and the multiple and discontinuous Self. This tension finds its synthesis in the concept of the Third, a position in which we recognise the Other as similar. Furthermore, the ways out of the ruptures of Thirdness are considered, namely both dissociation and enactment.
KEY WORDS: Dissociation, enactment, identity, intersubjectivity, mutual recognition, Self-Other

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