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Beware of wolves: Risk factors in today’s infant psychoanalytic clinical work

Beware of wolves: Risk factors in today’s infant psychoanalytic clinical work

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The work deals with the theme of psychological risk factors in childhood, linking it from the outset to the complexity of the processes that support development, processes that are in turn investigated by different research perspectives that, by integrating, enrich our understanding. The author highlights how this broadened scientific outlook makes it possible to focus more and more accurately on how a child’s affective, cognitive and relational competences are built early on through his or her first interactions with the environment, going on to delineate with increasing clarity the close link between intrapsychic and interpsychic. An enlarged view that confirms many of the hypotheses underlying the major models of psychoanalytic theory. In this enlarged framework, the article then examines how the current sociocultural pressures to which the individual and the group are subjected, end up being risk factors for the physiological psychic development of the child, subtracting from the necessary relationality of psychic becoming the space-time necessary for the establishment of  mental growth processes.
KEY WORDS: Diagnostic evaluation,fantasy, precocity, relationality, loneliness, psychic space-time.

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